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Studio Manager/Head Audio Engineer

Originally from Venezuela, Bere graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2021. She landed an internship at Rebel 11 Studios in Miami before securing her position as an assistant engineer, working alongside renowned artists and producers such as Bizarrap, Manuel Turizo, Mora, Jhay Cortez, Maffio, and more. During her time at Rebel she also served as an audio and recording engineer, capturing performances by Nelson Arrieta as well as working on sessions for Timbaland’s Beatclub camp and other projects.

Assisting in the recording of Netflix’s and Ntertain’s hit series “La Firma” led to her taking sessions as an audio engineer at Neon16 Studios. She then had the privilege of tracking sessions for esteemed artists and producers such as Tainy, Jota Rosa, Albert Hype, and Alvaro Díaz, before being hired as full-time studio manager and head audio engineer. She was also a key contributor in the mixing and editing of songs from episodes 1-7 of “La Firma”.